Eight Treasures

Established since 2007, and located right beside the Singapore Buddha Tooth Relic in Chinatown, Eight Treasures has been known to cater mouth-watering and creative Chinese vegetarian cuisine for the Vegetarian community in Singapore.

We at Eight Treasures believe that Meatless does not mean Tasteless.

Our Chefs are always on the look- out for quality ingredients, from deciding the types of fresh produce used, and to the selection of vegetarian mock meat that are soy and plant based.

With our wide selection of dishes prepared using fresh produce, to an extensive menu of vegetarian meat replicas, Eight Treasures aim to cater to both our Vegetarian and Non- vegetarian friends; to be the venue where our vegetarian friends can introduce their non- vegetarian friends to MEATLESS CUISINE and encourage them to a healthier, compassionate dining lifestyle.

We do our best to contribute back to the vegetarian community by using our restaurant as a platform to encourage and share our knowledge of vegetarianism. We are the Pioneer Restaurant in Singapore to create and host “World Vegetarian Day Celebration @ Eight Treasures” Event from Year 2008 to 2012, while collaborating with prominent groups such as Vegetarian Society Singapore, Vegetarian Meet Up Group Singapore, VegVibe and Vegan Topic. It is a FREE dining event where 25 vegetarian guests are invited and asked to bring a friend along for a lunch or dinner session of yummy food, video screenings and holistic activities. The only condition to participate was that the friend that they were bringing HAD TO BE NON VEGETARIAN. YES, we’re sneaky like that. Be sure to check out our website for up and coming events!