LingZhi Vegetarian

Chinese Vegetarian Gourmet Cuisine at LingZhi - Innovative and quality dishes which have kept many coming back for more since 1991.
Gone are the primitive, conservative style of preparing vegetarian dishes with gluten, mock meats, artificial colouring, and additives. In its place, is a range of dishes filled with wholesome goodness, and tonifying fare prepared from the finest, freshest natural as well as organic ingredients.
Each dish is meticulously prepared to ensure that it is well-represented and the cooking methods used allow maximum retention of the original tastes and nutritional values. This, of course, is no small feat, achievable only by chefs who have honed their culinary skills over several years of hard work.
So whether you follow a strict vegetarian lifestyle or are someone who’s looking for healthier, tastier options, the following pages welcomes you to the exciting culinary world of LingZhi Vegetarian.