OmniPork Luncheon and Avocado Omelette

Time: ≤30mins Veg. Cat.: Ovo-Lacto vegetarian Cooking: Pan-Fry Category: Creative Recipe Servings: 2 Author: Karena Lam


OmniPork Luncheon

3 pcs (120g)


3 pcs (170g)


1 pc (136g)

Daiya Mozzarella Shreds

As appropriate



As appropriate

White Pepper Powder

As appropriate


Step 1

Pan-fry OmniPork Luncheon, when they are ready, dice and set aside

Step 2

Dice avocado and pan-fry until aromatic, set aside

Step 3

Whisk salt, black pepper and Daiya Mozzarella Cutting Board Shreds into the egg. Stir fry steamed OmniPork into chunks until lightly brown.

Step 4

Heat oil in a pan, mix 2/3 of the egg mixture with OmniPork Luncheon, avocado and spring onion. Then, pan-fry on both side until golden brown, set aside

Step 5

Pour in the remaining of the egg mixture, pan-fry until golden brown and top with the omelette. Enjoy!